I had the pleasure of working with Ronilla Ernest for a few years when I served as the Chief Operating Officer for Houston Public Works. As the Safety Administrator for the organization it was clear that Ronilla had a passion for her job and best interest for the employees. When it comes to protecting our employees, safety is not an option. Employees are required to be safe and management is required to provide a safe environment and resources to perform the job safely. It was important that employees did not perceive our safety organization as the safety police, but rather our safety partners making sure everyone went home to their families at the end of the work day. Ronilla exhibited the characteristics that embodied collaboration and teamwork. She made an impact on the organization and I am confident that her leadership through Safety Leader Institute (SLI) can assist any municipality or company identify the safety needs and work together with management to establish a safety program that will benefit and protect the employees.


Eric K. Dargan

Chief Operating Officer 

City of San Diego