Safety Needs Assessment

Safety issues, both real and perceived, have a negative impact on organizational growth and operations. A proactive safety culture mitigates the severity of the impact. Most organizations have a passive approach to safety culture “manage the business and the culture follows”. The hallmark of a robust proactive safety culture is to be intentional and strategic.

The first step in developing a proactive safety culture is to conduct a Safety Needs assessment to determine the organization’s safety needs and evaluate the effectiveness of the current safety program. The result of this assessment forms the basis for formulating a strategy for the development of a safety program or improvement of the existing program to achieve the organization’s safety goals.

Providing the foundation for a proactive safety culture!

Evaluates the effectiveness of your current safety program

Safety Needs assessment should be conducted continuously but especially when new elements like tools, processes, or equipment are introduced. This is key in establishing a proactive safety culture and helps your organization with preventing or lowering the injury and incident rates, avoiding citations, reducing workers compensation costs, increasing productivity rates, reducing absenteeism and days away, and limiting equipment damage.

SLI assists you in establishing a safe and healthy work environment for your employees by conducting a confidential in-depth Safety Needs assessment to identify and remove potential safety hazards, provide recommendations for improving existing programs, and developing necessary safety programs, policies, and procedures, thus providing the foundation for a proactive safety culture.

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How Safety Leader Institute Works?

At SLI we employ a structured, intentional, and strategic approach aimed to help your organization establish a sustainable proactive safety culture. Some elements of the process are:

  • Perform needs assessment

  • Identify existing and potential safety concerns and issues

  • Define organizational safety goals and vision

  • Create a sustainable proactive safety plan

  • Develop program, policies, and procedures

  • Develop performance benchmarks

  • Deliver training and education

  • Develop safety leaders and advocates

    We develop a structured step-by-step approach to address the unique safety needs of our clients to ensure that the organisation is in compliance with OSHA’s stated goal of creating a safe and healthy workplace.

    Why Choose Safety Leader Institute?

    At SLI we are continuing to earn a stellar reputation as a trusted partner in providing occupational safety and health services for our clients. We have extensive experience working in diverse work environments covering field operations to office settings. We help develop safety leaders and advocates by providing a wide range of safety training and education, targeted to prepare your leadership and employees with the skills needed to assess, manage, and solve real world safety issues and situations. The SLI team takes pride in our customized trainings that are engaging, easy to follow, relatable, and relevant.

    SLI helps your organization develop overall vision and safety goals, establish, and implement sustainable proactive safety programs and a safety culture to enhance employee performance and reduce incidents. At SLI we employ a collaborative client-focused approach and strive to go above and beyond to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

    At SLI we excel in simplifying complex occupational safety and health regulations. We deliver on our commitment to provide real world solutions through training, outreach, education and compliance assistance, help establish and enforce standards and maintain effective safety programs to protect your bottom line.

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