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May is National Electrical Safety Month

Fact Sheets

Aerial Lifts

Carbon Monoxide

Confined Space in Construction: Sewer Systems

Electrical Safety

Hierarchy of Controls

General Occupational Safety and Health Resources


Fit Testing

Heat Stress Guide

Hierarchy of Controls

Motor Vehicle Safety At Work

Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards


OSHA Job Safety and Health: It's The Law!

OSHA Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo: Es La Ley!

OSHA Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal

Toolbox Talks

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Electrical Safety

Hazard Communication Standard Pictograms

Heat Stress

Motor Vehicle Safety

Portable Ladder Safety


Video Resources

5 Ways To Prevent Workplace Falls

Completing The OSHA Record-keeping Forms - Brief Tutorial

Injury Tracking Application Account Creation and Login Procedures - OSHA

Inspection Process - OSHA

Respirator - Donning, Doffing & Seal Check

Respirator - NIOSH Approved or Not


How Safety Leader Institute Works?

At SLI we employ a structured, intentional, and strategic approach aimed to help your organization establish a sustainable proactive safety culture. Some elements of the process are:

  • Perform needs assessment

  • Identify existing and potential safety concerns and issues

  • Define organizational safety goals and vision

  • Create a sustainable proactive safety plan

  • Develop program, policies, and procedures

  • Develop performance benchmarks

  • Deliver training and education

  • Develop safety leaders and advocates

    We develop a structured step-by-step approach to address the unique safety needs of our clients to ensure that the organization is in compliance with OSHA’s stated goal of creating a safe and healthy workplace.

    Why Choose Safety Leader Institute?

    At SLI we are continuing to earn a stellar reputation as a trusted partner in providing occupational safety and health services for our clients. We have extensive experience working in diverse work environments covering field operations to office settings. We help develop safety leaders and advocates by providing a wide range of safety training and education, targeted to prepare your leadership and employees with the skills needed to assess, manage, and solve real world safety issues and situations. The SLI team takes pride in our customized trainings that are engaging, easy to follow, relatable, and relevant.

    SLI helps your organization develop overall vision and safety goals, establish, and implement sustainable proactive safety programs and a safety culture to enhance employee performance and reduce incidents. At SLI we employ a collaborative client-focused approach and strive to go above and beyond to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

    At SLI we excel in simplifying complex occupational safety and health regulations. We deliver on our commitment to provide real world solutions through training, outreach, education and compliance assistance, help establish and enforce standards and maintain effective safety programs to protect your bottom line.

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