Creating Safe & Healthy Workspaces For Your Employees

Safety Leader Institute (SLI) LLC is a Small Women and Minority Owned professional occupational safety and health support services firm based in Houston, Texas.

SLI provides a wide range of customized occupational safety programs and services to help position you for success by improving organizational safety culture. We offer a wide range of safety services including safety training and education, compliance programs, assessments, and audits.

We believe that a sustainable proactive safety culture is achievable if the organization leadership makes safety a prerequisite.

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How Safety Leader Institute Works?

At SLI we employ a structured, intentional, and strategic approach aimed to help your organization establish a sustainable proactive safety culture. Some elements of the process are:

  • Perform needs assessment

  • Identify existing and potential safety concerns and issues

  • Define organizational safety goals and vision

  • Create a sustainable proactive safety plan

  • Develop program, policies, and procedures

  • Develop performance benchmarks

  • Deliver training and education

  • Develop safety leaders and advocates

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